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Our Fruit Sources

Transparency and Assurance

We will never undercut nor shortchange our customers. Here we list some of the farms in which our products come from, assuring quality is their top priority and so is ours!

Quality, quality, quality and authenticity is what we assure you at all times!

Japanese excellence in high quality melon farming

Japan & International Farms

Japanese excellence in high quality mango farming

​Japan Farms

  • ​Eco farm Tamashiro japan 

  • Uchida fruit farm japan 

  • Misaka farm grape house 

  • Shizuoka farm japan 

  • Marsala farm grape house, Yamanashi, Japan 

  • Yoshimura strawberry farm japan 

  • Nara strawberry farm japan 

  • Hirata Far Japan 

  • Iwasaki Mikan farm japan 

  • Fumi farm japan 

  • Komachi orchards farm 

  • Tsunoda farm Japan 


​International Farms

  • Kwekerij Gebroeders Mies B.V. farm, Nederland

  • Mts. Craenen, Gerads en Van Kempen farm, Nederland

  • Fa. P. Bruin en Zonen farm, Nederland 

  • J.M. Louisse farm, Nederland 

  • Penray gardens farm New Zealand 

  • Prevar farm New Zealand

And Many More...

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